Ethnic Studies Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a ethnic studies case study and need a sample draft to help me learn.


  1. Craft an Essay that demonstrates your critical thinking in response to one or several of the following questions: (Do not respond in Q and A format, but rather utilize these questions as possible discussion topics)
  • How have discussions of history and current critical issues helped inform an Asian American identity?
  • What cultural practices reinforce family and community traditions and customs?
  • What Asian American terms, concepts and themes are useful for you in challenging social constructs and other forms of oppression?
  • Where does your personal and/or family history and experience fit in the Asian American experience?
  • How do you (or plan to) participate in various forms of resistance and struggle for the liberation of your people and community?

(Utilize any relevant assigned materials from week 1 to the present)…………

The Asian American Movement has been briefly mentioned in previous assigned materials, but this unit will take a deeper dive into this subject area. While Asian Americans have a long history of political activism in the US, the actual “movement” during the late 60s through the early 80s, marks a period of not only broad participation of Asian Americans, but also a shift to more radical ideologies and modes of participation, creating a new generation of activists and organizers, while re-igniting “old timers”. The struggles varied and were many across the US, such as labor organizing in the Central Valley and ILWU in Seattle; organized protests for the I-Hotel in San Francisco and Third World Student Strike in San Francisco; demonstrations against the killing of Vincent Chin in Detroit; massive marches against the Vietnam war; and varying levels of support for Civil Rights and Black Liberation struggle nation wide.

Social Movements and Politics in “Asian America” differentiates electoral politics and social movements organized outside mainstream politics, while giving us a broad framework of where Asian Americans are situated in the political landscape of the US and their varied participation.
We are Revolution provides an intimate look into the trials and tribulations of radical leftist organizing in the US amongst Asian Americans. The KDP (Katipunan ng mga Demokratong Pilipino) maintained chapters in different states across the country, organizing around many issues, including the Vietnam War, the Farm Workers, Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines and the need for socialist revolution in the US. While these caused ideological splits within the organization, when the Marcos dictatorship declared Martial Law in the Philippines, a clear unifying anti-Marcos stance formed amongst members and the broader community. While ending Martial Law and ousting Marcos from the presidency was primary, the KDP also seized the opportunity to push for an anti-imperialist understanding of the relationship between the US and the Philippines, given that it was US tax dollars that supported the oppressive Marcos regime resulting in countless Filipinos fleeing to the US.
Is it possible, as activists to maintain a duel approach to organizing: focus time and energy on local US based issues and also issues in the homeland? This is the ongoing question for many immigrant communities in the US. What should be primary? What should be secondary? While educating both Filipinos and non-Filipinos about human rights violations in the Philippines, KDP members -along with other Filipino activists- also engaged in local critical issues, such as the need for affordable housing and protesting “redevelopment” in low income areas of San Francisco. Such is the case of the I-Hotel (International Hotel) as described in How San Francisco Erased a Neighborhood, where a broad based coalition of student activists, community organizers, religious leaders and labor leaders protested the forced eviction of elderly Filipino and Chinese residence.
This unit provides just a glimpse into the Asian American movement and we’ll continue with this topic in future units.…


  • Submit your essay on CANVAS, under the Essay Assignment icon. Submit in PDF format only (if using Google docs, Note book or Word, convert to PDF and then submit).
  • Name, date and class at top of page with Essay #2 as the title.
  • Write essay prompt/question in bold at top of essay and respond below.


1. Typed single-spaced

2. 12 point font

3. Do not adjust margins


  • Essay must have an Introduction, Body and Conclusion.
  • Essay must demonstrate your critical thinking skills. Meaning, do not regurgitate lectures or give a simple synopsis of assigned materials. But rather construct your own statements, arguments and conclusions supported with “evidence” in response to the question/prompt.
  • Include and cite from multiple assigned materials -at least 4 different authors and/or documentaries- as evidence (examples, quotes, data, analysis etc.). You may include any relevant assigned materials from the beginning of the semester up to the assignment date.
  • Include and cite at least 2 additional sources from your own research.
  • Citing should include Last name of author and pg. number in parenthesis. For example, (Davis, pg. 89).
  • Essay must have a works cited page (first and last name of author, title, publication and date)
  • Three-page in length maximum (not including work cite page). There is no minimum page requirement, however, be sure to be thorough, detailed and give examples (your essay should reflect college level work).
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