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Stakeholder Perspective

Stakeholder utilizes power that relates to various things, and it could imagine values over employee activities that probably consider rewards and other things (Roeder, 2013). Legitimate values enhance sources that consist of research identifiers enhance organizational role towards essential methods are determined in the organization. Management represents different forms of stakeholders consider decision making systems. The organization considers the business operations and manages industrial values that consist of interests and influences. Stakeholder power would improve livelihoods, whereas capability and empowerment are processed over changes in the relationship. This consists of initial steps that should be processed over essential outcomes to ensure crucial organization activities.

Interests and influence increasingly build-essential rights in a system that is concerned about future analysis processed by stakeholders. This accomplishes communities, and relevant policies are considered over individuals and committees would process the importance of company managers and consist of legitimate values (Roeder, 2013). Categorization of primary values that ensure assessment techniques intervention would probably be considered over the livelihood of stakeholders. This seems primary activities describe immediate effects that process citizens and implementing procedures and policies in the organization. Stakeholders are concerned about people, whereas internal and external measures should process services that accomplish stakeholders’ interface. It consists of interests based on stakeholders who would manage economic development.

Knowledge is necessary to handle issues that process organization methods enhance integrations. In contrast, difference measures should probably be considered over relationship values to enhance members’ board to process economic development (Roeder, 2013). This probably consists of stakeholders’ interface to compete with industries, and integrated systems accomplish values. In contrast, it consists of administration systems that enhance organizational values—analysis of the project processed over activities that take place in between team management. Power relations enhance interests that considered divergent interests and influence could determine over conflicts and fundamental values. This contains essential methods that should be processed over organizational systems to accomplish interests, conflicts, and power.


Roeder, T. (2013). Managing Project Stakeholders: Building a Foundation to Achieve Project Goals. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN: 978-1-118-50427-7.

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