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Learning Goal: I’m working on a microbiology question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

1. Draw and label a typical microbial death curve for a microorganism whose cells are
vegetative. Explain the pattern of microbial death. If a bacterium were treated that is an
endospore former, how would you expect the curve would change?
2. List and briefly discuss four factors that will influence the rate of microbial death.
3. In what ways do antimicrobial agents kill or inhibit microbes (what molecules are affected and
4. Describe the different Biosafety levels used in microbiology laboratories.
5. List and briefly describe the different physical approaches to microbial control.
6. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of three methods of moist heat control, including
boiling, autoclaving and pasteurization.
7. What is an autoclave? How does an autoclave take advantage of the relationship between
pressure and temperature in order to kill microbes? How are time of exposure and container
size related during autoclaving?

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