Annotated Bibliography Part 2Annotated Bibliography Part 2

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

  • Write a structured review of each article: minimum of 500 words each article. For subheadings of structured abstract, you can use the items listed by me in my feedback for Module-1 discussion.
  • Your review content should be such that anyone reading it can get a full understanding of what was written in the article.
  • There are no (mandatory) secondary posts this week.
  • The articles chosen must be from academic journals or academic conference proceedings or unpublished working papers of academic/industry researchers. Otherwise 10 points will be reduced.
  • All article summaries must be structured and must offer sufficiently in-depth review of the articles. Otherwise 25 points will be reduced.


Find two new research articles specific to your Capstone project (i.e., Sport chosen by the group or Power System Failures) in Google Scholar and write a structured summary.

My capstone will be crucial in conducting the research on effective techniques for improving match preparation for Tennis players.

Like you can looking for how machine learning afect tennis player

or ai.

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