Practical Exercise 18.1

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Directions: The objective of this exercise is for students to determine whether a postaward orientation conference is warranted. If so, develop an agenda to address the major issues to be covered during the conference, and in what format. Identify items for discussion specific to each scenario that warrants a post-award conference. If one is not required, state your rationale for not having one.

  1. Read the scenarios.
  2. Determine whether a postaward conference should be held and, if so, the format that should be used (letter, face to face, over the phone, other). Using bullets, list the items you would discuss/address.

Scenario #1

You’ve awarded a $17.8 million contract to We-B-Dreamin’ Inc., for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software that will be used to perform planning, scheduling, and tracking functions for complex supply depot maintenance. The contract is an indefinite quantity contract with firm-fixed- price (FFP), and time and materials line items. The software must operate on two distinct operating systems running simultaneously for up to 500 concurrent users. The contractor must install and test the software installation. The installation may require customization of interfaces with other systems, populating the database, and developing tailored reports. Contract period is one base year plus four option years, and contains provisions from FAR 52.212-4. A prior attempt at obtaining a similar software package resulted in a termination for cause against the previous contractor when it failed to meet the technical requirements.

Scenario #2

Your agency awarded a $7.5 million contract to the Gotham City Garden Inn (GCGI) for meals, lodging, and transportation for employees attending acquisition training at a highly respected training, professional development, and consulting company in Washington, D.C. The request for proposal (RFP), a commercial acquisition using a combination of FAR Parts 12 and 15, provided for award of a fixed-price requirements contract for a base period, with four one-year option periods. GCGI is a locally owned and operated franchise under the Landmark Hotels chain. It was built two years ago, and while it is located in the D.C.-metro area, this is their first government contract. GCGI’s owner/manager, Mr. I.M. DeGreed, is a distinguished graduate of Diploma Mill School of Business.

Scenario #3

A $600 million contract was awarded to Mega Corp., under RFP No. F19628-02-R-00XX. It was awarded using negotiated procedures. The contract in-cludes a base year plus four option years to provide computer support, maintenance, and upgrades for all of your agency’s field offices within the Western Region of the United States.

Scenario #4

A $5.5 million contract was awarded to Duc-N-Run Land Development (DNRLD) for grounds maintenance services under RFP No. DABK09-03-R-00X4. The RFP, set aside for HUBZone small business concerns, established the use of commercial item procedures to award a fixed-price contract for grounds maintenance services. These services included such items as mowing, edging, trimming, removing debris, and repairing damaged areas for 6,999 acres, of which 4,760 acres is grass. The RFP provided for a one-year base period with four one-year options, and five additional one-year options based on award terms. Within each one-year period, the RFP contemplated a mowing season of eight months. The following specific comments were included in the technical evaluation summary:

  • DNRLD Personnel were “highly qualified” given their extensive experience managing contracts that “far exceed the experience necessary to manage a grounds maintenance contract.”
  • The agency recognizes that DNRLD’s “experience in grounds maintenance is limited.”
  • Your supervisor has requested an out-briefing on the status of this contract. He is concerned since this will be the third new contractor in the last two years.

Scenario #5

You have just awarded a $19,000 FFP bilateral purchase order for the installation and/or wiring of an overhead projection and sound system. The system is to be installed in the conference room of the head of the contracting activity (HCA). Last month at an all hands meeting, the HCA exchanged greetings with you for the first time within the three years that you’ve worked for this agency. You were quite surprised that he knew your name. He inquired about the status of your procurement and indicated that the timing and quality of the installation is of great concern to him. He addressed the following concerns:

  • The system must be installed in accordance with industry configuration standards and ready for use within two days
  • No visible wiring
  • Connectivity with current computer system Coordination and approval of building security
  • Proper clean-up procedures
  • Easy operation of the system
  • HCA final approval

Scenario #6

Your agency has awarded an $80,000 fixed priced bilateral purchase order for the replacement/upgrade of the electrical transformers in a substation at one of its laboratory facilities. The statement of work requires the contractor to schedule work and coordinate power outages with the facilities engineer, submit approval of equipment documentation and provide safety and security plans for facility engineering approval, and coordinate subcontractors work schedules to coincide with the approved work schedule. Other facilities organizations involved include the facility manager’s office, fire department, security police, safety, and the health clinic. The purchase order required the small business to submit all licenses, certifications, and training before performance could begin. This is a very tight schedule for completion. The contractor and its subcontractors have extensive electrical systems experience but limited experience with the federal government.

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