PROTEUS DESIGN SIMULATION (Microcontroller Systems)

Learning Goal: I’m working on a electrical engineering question and need guidance to help me learn.

I am working on the following question.

Connect two 8051 (M1 and M2) to communicate with each other. M1

should send hex values from 0-F to M2 and M2 should display them on

seven segment display. M1 and M2 should communicate at baud rate

of 2400bps. M2 should initially store all the received data and then

display one by one with delay of 1 second. After that M2 should

send back “Y” to M1 to indicate that it has successfully received

data. M1 should display this on its seven-segment display.

I have figured out the code thanks to Chegg and I am sure it is correct but due to some reason it is not simulating on Proteus. The simulation runs but I get no output on the 7 segment displays. There is not much work to be done, please figure out the problem. I am attaching the proteus file, hex files and their c source code as .c and .txt

Please send me the proper working Proteus file along with the proper hex and c files in case they need to be corrected. Much appreciated.

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