Ukraine-Russian War

Learning Goal: I’m working on a geographic information question and need guidance to help me learn.

How is Europe and the Russian economies integrated? Identify industries that some European countries heavily rely on Russia for? (150 words)

How does the decision of halting the purchase of oil and gas from Russia to the U.S. impact the American economy? (150 words)

How does this war impact global business in other countries? Things to consider are, what is produced in Russia that is used by other countries in manufacturing, and what products are produced in the Ukraine that are used by other countries in manufacturing? (200 words)

What products can we see in the United States that will be significantly impacted due to supply and demand issues? (150 words)

What has been the response of American businesses in Russia. Who has closed operations? Are these moves temporary or permanent? How are these moves helpful to the plight of the Ukrainians? (200 words)

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