Software Engineering Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a software engineering project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

I’m working on research paper project for (Face Analytics Software – Design & Implementation with insights).

I will implement in summer the coding for facial recognition software using Python but I should follow some tools as follows:

  • DashCam (any type – device) or by simulation tools.
  • Agile method (Scrum) for implementation & design.
  • Python for coding.
  • AI tools and function for face detection.
  • Design SW Platform – Open source platform.

I’ve write the related work section based on the following papers:

  • Adoption and use of AI tools: a research agenda grounded in UTAUT
  • IoT Privacy and Security: Challenges and Solutions.
  • Face Detection and Recognition Using OpenCV.
  • Misfit or Misuse? Lessons from Implementation of Scrum in Radical Product Innovation.
  • The Challenges of Implementing Agile Scrum in Information System’s Project.
  • Comparative Study within Scrum, Kanban, XP Focused on Their Practices.
  • Model-driven Development of Adaptive IoT Systems
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering.
  • Design and evaluation of a scalable smart city software platform with large-scale simulations.
  • The Use of Python in the field of Artifical Intelligence.
  • Agile Project Management Tools: A Brief Comprative View.

I need from your side the following:

* first: review the related work and re-write it as an academic research & add another paper (as a reference) from your point of view about the simulation tools and add it to the related work section as well.

* Second write the abstract. introduction, background, Overview and proposed design about the system

* Then the future work (I’ve included some points) and the conclusion section.

Based on my understanding and to be considered when you start writing, I will follow the following tools (Python, Scrum Agile method using Jira, UML design (or you can suggest easier/better), any easy simulation tool (suggest one from your side)

You should explain how the solution can be AI & IoT (by using Dash Cam). and explain the required terminologies.

Please find the attached file including the related work + Future work

you can suggest to me what missed from my side for this solution (research paper)

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