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  1. What two groups did the framers intend to be represented in the Congress? [1/2 Point].
  2. It has become quite clear that federal power has increased since the 18th century. What has led this increase in power? [1/2 Point].
  3. Mark Reckless has been a member of the United States House of Representative for over 25 years. A recent investigation by the Washington Gazette has exposed Congressman Reckless for not paying federal income taxes in connection with a rental property he owns in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In addition, it was discovered by the Washington Gazette that Congressman Reckless did not report approximately $5000 in speaking fees in 2011 on his 2011 federal income tax return. As a result of the Washington Gazette’s reporting, the House of Representative has set up a committee to investigate Congressman’s Reckless’ tax problems. Under US Constitution, what power does the House have, if any, to punish Congressman Reckless for his failure to pay his income taxes and report his income? Historically, based on other cases of wrongdoing by members of the House, what is the likely punishment Congressman Reckless will receive? [1 point].



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