Minorities Media Project

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Topic: Minorities/discrimination they faced

1. Find 4 examples from different types of media where your community is represented. You must have 3 unique media types. This means that you can have no more than 2 examples from the same media type. Media types include: advertisements, magazine and newspaper articles, comic strips, books, TV commercials or programs, movies, song lyrics, websites, etc.

2. Identify and discuss depictions of your community, whether positive or negative. You should think about what this depiction/portrayal is trying to say about your community, what is it implying. Some portrayals may seem negative, but are actually trying to raise awareness about negative experiences of your community. Explore how these media representations function to maintain, or fight against, inequality experienced by your community, based on the category that differentiates them. For example, if your community is a racial/religious/sexual minority, how does the representation promote an idea specific to your community’s race/religion/sexual identity?

3. Connect the representations to specific institutions that maintain inequality; where, or in what context, your community faces discrimination. Institutions must be specific, such as family, education, economy, state and public policy, aspects of culture…etc.

4. Relate and support the concepts and ideas you explored to a reading from the course material (lecture notes, films, videos) and a scholarly peer-reviewed article. You must refer to one scholarly peer-reviewed articles and course material in each example; 2 in text citations per example. Remember, APA format in-text citations look like (last name, year published) or if you are using a direct quote include the page number (last name, year published, p. #) You may choose to use the same article and course material for all examples as long as you’re not repeating the same concepts, or use different ones. Key word here is “scholarly peerreviewed”, as in something you find on Google Scholar, or through the Library Databases (no wikipedia, news articles, blogs…etc).

Please use the template provided

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