Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Complete the following:

  • Turn to page AC A-29 of the textbook. Complete Problem 16 below
  • Suppose you have a table for a tutoring service. The fields are the student’s identification number, student’s name, student’s telephone number, student’s email address, tutoring session identification number, tutoring session meeting day, tutoring session meeting time, name of tutor, and tutor identification number. Assume that each student has one tutoring session, each tutoring session meets only once a week and has one tutor, and each tutor can teach more than one class. In w hat normal form is the table, given the following alternative description? Student (StudentiD, StudentName, StudentPhone, StudentEmail, SessioniD, SessionDay, SessionTime, TutorName, TutoriD) Convert this relation to 3NF and represent the design using the alternative description method.
  • Submit the list of normalized tables following the shorthand method convention, in a Word document.


  • Save the file under your full name-NormM2.
  • Every time you are asked to save a database, add your last name to the end of the database name.
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