Communications Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Discussion: Public speaking is listed as one of the greatest fears in the general public. How can you use Toastmasters to overcome this fear (do some research on their website)?

What tips do they offer to be a more effective speaker? How will you bolster your speaking skills after taking this class? How will you overcome any fears you might have?

Reply on two classmates:

1. Toastmasters claims that its class can help members learn public speaking skills and gain confidence as a speaker. They suggest that in order for one become a more effective public speaker to start by slowly pacing yourself into it. Toastmasters suggest this as they claim it will help prevent confusion about what your topic, they also suggest to keep your notes stored orderly so you’ll have easy access. Toastmaster claims that after one of there classes your public speaking abilities will have improved greatly. Personally any fears I’ve had over the year I’ve found it’s best to just confront them upfront.

2. Wanting to make a good impression when we speak publicly is natural and helps us maintain status within our group. You can do breathing exercises for ten minutes. Writing out the entire speech, but to memorize just the beginning and ending. Although it isn’t easy, we can train our brains to become excited about public speaking. Des Moloney found a Harvard study that gave four steps that may work: practice, keep it simple, give yourself time and don’t be discouraged. Its is something that the brain reacts to at first but you can train it and with practice it would be more easier each time.

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