java Pgm1

Learning Goal: I’m working on a java writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Program Purpose:

To review Java 1 concepts, introduce and prepare for Java 2 topics.

a - Using TERMINAL MODE ONLY in Windows, Linux or Apple
    create the program described below.

b - Make sure that your program COMPILES AND RUNS without any WARNINGS    
c - Follow my Java Programming Rules, located at:
d - At the beginning of your program add the following lines of documentation:
 Author    : Your Name 
 Course    : COP3804 Intermediate Java.
 Professor : Michael Robinson 
 Program # : Program Purpose/Description 
             { A brief description of the program }

 Due Date  : MM/DD/YYYY 
 I hereby certify that this work is my own and none of it is the work of any other person. 

 ..........{ your signature }..........
e - Program must be named:  ex:

f - Make sure the program is properly documented and aligned uniformally,
    according to our "JAVA Programming Rules", discussed in class and located at:
    I will take points off if you do not follow the programming instructions.

g - How to create java program:
    - Create your program using an editor such as:
      In Windows : notepad or notepad++
      In Linux   : gedit, nano, pico, vi or vim 
h - Program Purpose:  
    1 - Create a 15 x 15 two dimensional array of int data type
    2 - Load each index in the array with the addition of each (row + column)*3 location
    3 - Using System.out.printf display the content of each index, ALIGNED. 
    4 - Create an algorithm that will add all the values in all locations,  display results

i - Compile and run this program using the following commands:
      to compile : javac  
      to run     : java robinsonMpgm1

j - How:
    1 - In the main method declare the two dimension array, section 1 above in h ( Program Purpose: )
    2 - From the main method, passing the two dimensions array, call a method named arrays 
    3 - In the arrays method do section 2 above in ( Program Purpose: )
    4 - From the arrays method call a unique method to implement  section 3 above in h ( Program   
	    Purpose: )
    5 - From the arrays method call a unique method to implement  section 4 above in h ( Program 
	    Purpose: )
    6 - From the arrays method return to the main method and printf your full name in a new line
k - Program submission:
    1 - Upload your source code to your Canvas account
L - 1 - Fixing the javac problem
    2 - Goto terminal mode (run cmd)
    3 - dir \javac* /s
    4 - copy the directory where you found the javac.exe program
    5 - add the directory to your path as follows:
Now you are ready to compile program and run your program

Happy Programming :)
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