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Do (Module Assignments & Activities)

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Part I. Participate in the Simulation (100 points)

You will participate in the Harvard Business Review Judgement in a Crisis Virtual Simulation. If you have not purchased the coursepack, please do so using this link:

You will need to purchase access to complete this simulation.

In this simulation, you will play the role of a manager at Matterhorn Health, a medical device manufacturer. The firm has launched a new blood glucose-monitoring device for patients to tract their own glucose levels. The product encounters serious quality problems soon after launch. You must cope with this unfolding crisis. You will be asked to make a series of important decisions during the simulation. Please note that the crisis may not be resolved when the simulation ends. Many product-quality crises unfold over time, and firms cannot resolve them quickly. When you do complete the simulation, please take a few moments to reflect on your decisions and actions.

To prepare for the simulation, you can also review the how to play instructions attached below.

Part II. Written Reflection (50 points)

Once you have completed the simulation, you will reflect on your experience. In your reflection, answer all of the following questions and support your answers with relevant theory and literature.

    1. What key decisions did you make? Why did you make those choices?
    2. What aspects of the situation did you find most challenging?
    3. How did you cope with the high level of ambiguity in the situation. How did you handle the lack of complete information? How did you cope with the increasing levels of stress that you may have encountered during the unfolding situation?
    4. What real-life situations mirror the conditions in the simulation? What product-quality crises can you relate to this one? Did firms handle those crises well or not?
    5. What should the CEO tell the media at the press conference?
    6. What advice do you have for managers in these types of crisis situations?

Answer each question above thoroughly and support your responses using the course material you have reviewed throughout the quarter.


  • Your reflection should be approximately 1,000 words ( 4 pages double spaced) using APA format (double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font. A reference page should be included for sources. You are welcome to cite additional scholarly sources but you are required to incorporate and cite the articles assigned in this module.
  • Please refer to the Simulation Reflection Rubric for guidelines and grading.

Read & Watch (Module Resources)

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