music 4

A composer’s outlook on what musical experience should ideally be like is not identical from one composer to the next. During recent class meetings, you have experienced music composed with sharply contrasted purposes. The “Focus Works” (see Syllabus) for Cage and Takemitsu show these differences in sharp contrast. The two reference works are:


John Cage’s Third Construction in Metal

Toru Takemitsu’s Toward the Sea



Consider the evidence presented in class and your own personal readings, listenings, and reactions in regard to these two works.
Write ONE page in TWO parts that addresses the feel of each of these works in terms of what sort of “messages” you felt they were presenting to you as a listener.
On a second page, make observations in TWO parts regarding the attitudes you believe each of these composers might have had during their creative lives about the purposes of their music. Draw on particular facts (for example, from lectures and the various posted .pdf files) to support your speculations.

The structure of this 2-page paper should adhere to the “boundary conditions” of the 2-page papers in general (i.e., two pages, two works/composers, two approaches, two parts on each page, etc.). The papers should be single-spaced, 12-point type size, with normal margins.

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