Reading journal 4

Reading journal assignments should be 1 page long double-spaced and include citations.
In your reading journal entry, you have a lot of leeway about what you want to talk about. However, you should show me you’ve looked at and thought about at the materials for the topic by using specific examples and/or engaging with important themes and ideas.
Here are some ideas of different approaches you can take to reading journals:
Answer a key question for the topic
Compare and contrast materials to ones we’ve looked at before in class
Talk about what you thought the most important aspects of the materials were
Connect our materials to current events, pop culture, something you saw on the news, etc
Make connections between the materials and another course
Write about what was new to you in the materials and what you’ve learned before
Take a creative approach – write a letter as someone from this time period, create a short comic depicting an important event, etc
Include questions you want to know more about

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