English project

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Assignment: As we have seen in the form of CliFi (climate change fiction), we can make a social impact in our communities through a variety of art forms and mediums.

For your final project, you will have the opportunity to create your own work with the purpose of making a social impact.

You may choose your work to focus on:

  • a climate change issue
  • social justice issue
  • education
  • women in the workforce
  • environmental issue
  • or energy issues

I encourage you to explore what method and issue would be the most exciting and engaging for you.


For the visual/creative argument, you can choose from the different genres below. There must be a (one) specific social issue from the list provided, and your stance must be clear. The only thing I ask is that you CREATE SOMETHING. Simply taking an image, or video off of Google will NOT suffice. There are examples on Canvas to help you. Once done, you will submit your final project to Canvas Week 16.

Choose one of the options listed below and be prepared to submit the finished project by Friday of Week 16.

  1. Create your own piece of visual art or infographic that advances a environmental or social justice cause.
  2. Create a comic book/graphic novel about a hero/heroine (equal to at least 3 written pages)
  3. You could write and illustrate a children’s book or comic strips (a minimum of 10-12 scenes) about a social issue.
  4. You could write an extended poem, read it out loud, and record it to present to the class. (Be sure to also provide the poem in written form)
  5. Write and perform your own original song about a climate change or social issue. (Be sure to provide the song lyrics)
  6. Create a web page, and provide the link to it, with pictures and relevant information about a climate change or social issue. Information on the web page should be equal to 3 written pages and also attached as a pdf file.
  7. Make a video related to an environmental or social issue. (5-6 minutes)

You can use any of these forms, but just make sure that you are able to explain in written form (for Part 2) how it pertains to an environmental or social issue and how it could create change.

This assignment will be submitted via a Padlet format, which will be available Week 16.

I’m looking forward to reading, viewing, and/or listening to your creative projects! I hope you have fun with this project!



Your project should meet the following criteria:

  • Clearly explores the social or environmental issue
  • The Social or Environmental issue is selected from the list above, and your stance can be clearly identified
  • Must be an original creation–you cannot submit something (video, image, graph, meme, etc) that has already been created!
  • Shows engagement and creativity!

Have fun with this!

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