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Final Paper Assignment

For this assignment I would like you to substantially revise your first OR second at-home essay. The revised essay should be 1200-words and incorporate two sources other than Ways of Seeing or Ways of Hearing.

This should be a significant revision in which you develop the ideas from your original draft further, perfect their organization, polish the language you use to convey them, and focus your thesis statement. In other words, you should not simply add length to the essay. Rather, you should use your previous draft to take the paper apart and put it back together again in a way that more eloquently and efficiently conveys your argument. In particular, you should strategize ways to reorganize and clarify your body paragraphs so that they illustrate your thesis statement, and include outside sources that will strengthen your central point.

Some things to consider as you expand your paper:

  • What conversation are you entering into and why does it matter?
  • How are you contributing to this conversation?
  • Are there other examples that you could use to explain your point?
  • What might others say against your argument and how would you address these complaints?
  • Are there any terms or ideas that need more explanation?

Guidelines for finding sources:

  • The secondary sources must come from material held by the LaGuardia library or one of the databases it subscribes to.
  • Your sources need not comment directly on your main claim. They could support your claim with data, or they could deal with a smaller subpoint that fits into your broader argument.


  • The revision should maintain the original formatting guidelines (Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced)
  • You should also expand the length of the paper to 1200 words
  • Two secondary sources.
  • Use MLA citation


Due Dates:

  • First Draft: 05/31
  • Final Draft: 06/07
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