film analysis presentation final

the film e.t (alien movie)
your task is to create a presentation (poster, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) that shows the critical reception of the film, as well as your own opinion of it. this should include insight from at least 3 sources, as well as your reaction to the film. requirements for the presentations are below.
your presentation should include:
– the title of the film
– the year it was released
– the director
– major actors/ actresses featured in the film
– a summary of the plot of the film (2 paragrpahs)
– choose 3 elements of literature featured in the film to analyze (like our essays)
1. theme
2. symbol
4. lighting
5. tone
6. genre
– at least 3 solid paragraphs describing the critical reception of the film. was it a hit at the box office? did it win any awards? what did the critics think? what did viewers think? did it stand the test of time? these paragraphs should be properly cited.
– at least 2 paragraphs describing your opinion of the film. did you like it? would you change anything? would you have cast it differently? what was the best part? what was the worst part?
– at least 5 images or pictures that supplement the information on your poster. favorite scene, who you would have cast, etc. these cannot all be the faces of actors/ actresses from the film!
– a bibliography/ list of cited sources (on the back or its own slide or section)
– must be neat, colorful, and effortful

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