discussion response 2

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment. “I have selected a leader that I admire his strategical tactics and his situational awareness within a crisis. Rob Sabina was our chief operating officer at HCA Houston healthcare Tomball. At the beginning of the pandemic known as COVID-19, our facility was tasked with implementing structural guidelines to keep our patients and employees safe. Not having a clinical background, he must rely on his team members and his clinical leaders to develop an infrastructure and framework to provide quality care to the patients while protecting the employees. I watched as he created committees and teams to appropriately provide isolation tactics within his facility to separate Covid patients from regular patients. As a leader, it required excellent communication with the hospital employees and delegating and coaching his team to achieve his goal of successfully protecting the patients and the employees. He uses the situational leadership model where he will empower the support, coach, and direct by also supporting team management. During this crisis, he had to manage these task-oriented goals, but he also maintained social support for his employees. Having the awareness to comprehend the magnitude of stress on his employees, he implemented meditation rooms and counseling for them. In addition, he held many town halls where employees could vent their frustrations and grant him access to hear their ideas and make them part of the solution and not the problem.

I had had very little interaction with Rob as a leader before the pandemic because he had not been employed at Tomball for any significant length of time. However, I watched him become more of a situational leader who had to approach the pandemic with a strategic tactic and tap into employee behavioral interpersonal relationships. The type of teamwork management he employed during the pandemic to utilize financial, clinical, and business relationships took a strong leadership ability. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still here, but we now have better processes and the mental capacity to deal with the outcomes. Without this type of leadership, he demonstrated to juggle his task-oriented goals, and the interpersonal behavioral goals of his employees were crucial during this crisis.


Northouse, P. (2019). Leadership: Theory and Practice. All Books and Monographs by WMU Authorshttps://scholarworks.wmich.edu/books/739

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