Fin680: corporate finance

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Your firm has been hired by a new client: a charitable organization with a sizeable foundation (an operating foundation). The client would like to receive a proposal for the management of its investment portfolio. For this proposal, you have been asked to construct an initial investment portfolio for its foundation. You will create an initial investment report for this client that proposes the policy statement, the asset allocation strategy, the asset selections, and the rebalancing policy, as described below.

For this assignment, choose one charitable institution that is an independent organization. For example, you may choose the American Red Cross. However, you may not choose the Walmart Foundation, which is entirely funded by Walmart. Familiarize yourself with the mission of the charity, its annual operating expenses, and its financial strengths.

In your paper,

  • Construct an investor policy statement (IPS) for your client that defines objectives and constraints in these key areas:
    • Return
    • Risk
    • Liquidity requirements
    • Time horizon
    • Taxes
    • Legal and regulatory factors
    • Unique circumstances
  • Develop an investing strategy for the institutional investment portfolio.
    • Define the universe of securities to be considered for inclusion in the institutional investment portfolio.
    • Recommend one asset category to exclude from the institutional investment portfolio.
      • Justify this recommendation with two unique reasons.
    • Determine the asset allocation for the institutional investment portfolio among no less than eight major asset categories.
      • Consider the following categories, and see Exhibits 5-45 and 5-46 in the textbook for examples:
        • Corporate bonds, long-term
        • Corporate bonds, medium- and short-term
        • Treasury bonds, long-term
        • Treasury notes, medium-term
        • Treasury bills
        • Large-cap equity
        • Mid-cap equity
        • Small-cap equity
        • International equity, developed markets
        • International equity, emerging markets
        • Alternative investment(s)
        • Cash and cash equivalents
      • Justify the asset allocation strategy.
    • Construct a portfolio to implement this portfolio and strategy.
      • You must invest at least 95% of the portfolio.
    • Once you have determined the security selections, execute this portfolio in Stock-Trak.
    • Include a table showing the chosen investments.
      • Categorize the investments on the table by asset category.
      • Further categorize among subcategories (such as large-cap growth and large-cap value) if applicable to your portfolio.
      • Construct a percentage-of-portfolio rebalancing policy for the investor using your client’s portfolio in Stock-Trak.
        • State objectives of the policy.
        • State constraints of the policy.
      • Design tolerance bands for each asset category in the portfolio.
      • Propose and justify the rebalancing frequency for the portfolio.

The Institutional Portfolio Investment Report paper

  • Must be no less than three to five single-spaced pages in length including data tables (not including references pages) and formatted according to APA style.
  • Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph.
  • Must be written for a professional setting.
  • Must use at least three credible sources in addition to the course text.
  • Must document any information used from sources in APA Style.
  • Requirements: 3 to 5 single spaced pages | .doc file
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