Mechanical Engineering Design


For a gear train shown in Figure 1 and design specification given on Table 1, students should perform the following activities:

  • Manual design calculation of each machine element using necessary equations and selection of standard parts;
  • Students may consider reasonable assumptions besides the given specification wherever necessary;
  • Besides the main machine elements, accessories such as spacers, bolts, housing, etc. may be included;
  • Make sketches that shows free body diagrams, forces, stresses, etc;
  • Make a report (with a word limit of 2000) and upload through NU-CoE Learn online-link that will be provided;


Figure 1 Gear Train

Table1: Design Specification

Parameters Notation Values
No. of teeth of first pinion Z1 21
No. of teeth of second pinion Z3 24
Running speed of motor N 1750 rpm
Input power P 40 kW
Gear ratio of first stage GR1 1.5
Gear ratio of second stage GR2 1.7
Module of the first and second stage m1=m2 5 mm
Material for shaft 50 C 4 σy= 370 MPa
Material for gear Phosphor bronze σo= 84 MPa



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