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Access to social and economic possibilities, resource availability, educational quality, occupational safety, healthy dietary alternatives, and the nature of social interactions or relationships are all examples of health determinants. Health care is necessary for good health, yet it is a weak health determinant. According to research, a variety of factors influence health outcomes, including underlying genetics, health habits, social and environmental factors, and health treatment. While there is no consensus in the research on the magnitude of each of these factors’ relative contributions to health, studies suggest that health behaviors such as smoking, diet, and exercise, as well as social and economic factors, are the primary drivers of health outcomes, and that social and economic factors can shape individuals’ health behaviors.
According to the Commission on Social Determinants of Health, 2018, children born to parents who have not completed high school, for example, are more likely to grow up in an environment that is unsafe, has exposed rubbish, and has bad housing. They also have fewer access to walkways, parks and playgrounds, leisure facilities, and libraries. Furthermore, data suggests that stress has a deleterious influence on health across the lifetime, and that environmental variables may have multigenerational consequences. Addressing social determinants of health is critical not just for improving overall health but also for eliminating health inequities, which are frequently founded in social and economic disadvantages.
It is critical to address the social determinants of health, or socioeconomic barriers that lead to health inequalities, if we want to construct a better, healthier future for all populations. (Phelan JC, Link BG, Tehranifar P, 2015) To activate reform, awareness must be raised at all levels, from the person to the community and beyond. Interventions that promote communal awareness and community action can have a long-term influence on society, resulting in improved health outcomes for everyone.
. Phelan JC, Link BG, Tehranifar P, 2015.Social conditions as fundamental causes of health inequalities: theory, evidence, and policy implications. J Health Soc Behav
. Commission on Social Determinants of Health, 2018. Closing the gap in a generation: health equity through action on the social determinants of health – final report. Geneva: World Health Organization

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