Module 10

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.


Module 10 Assignments to complete this week:

● Readings and Materials: o Chapter 9: Foster Collaboration (23 pages)

o Video: TED. (2020, February 14). A guide to collaborative leadership | Lorna Davis [Video]. YouTube. 

● Post DQ Initial Response by Thursday at 11:59 p.m.

● Post DQ peer response(s) by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Discussion Question – CLO 2, 4, 5, 7 For this DQ, you can submit either a 3-to-5-minute recorded presentation or a Voicethread. If a recording is selected, you must create a PowerPoint presentation (or Prezi, Google Slides, etc.) to accompany your recording. You may use any software of your choice to record.

● How can leaders create a climate of trust and facilitate relationships among people in a work team?

● What can leaders do to show others that they are trustworthy?

● What can they do to demonstrate that they trust others?

● After your initial post, respond to at least one other classmate’s posting and give them feedback on their video. View the Video Discussion Question Grading Rubric. [Tech Team Link Moodle Rubric: COB – Video Discussion Rubric – SUM 5] Check out the following links for additional support: How to record on Zoom – 

How to record on Google Meet –…

How to record on VoiceThread –…

Presentation Upload Instructions:

Share Video Option 1: Record with Zoom and share video to your instructor through YouTube Record your DQ using the free version of Zoom, and upload it to a private, YouTube area, then add the link to the video at the end of your references titled “YouTube Video Link” using the following instructions:

1. Go to YouTube account > click the “upload video” button.

2. Click the “SELECT FILES” button and choose the video.

3. Fill up the basic video details like title, description, and tags.

4. Move onto the “Visibility” tab and select the “Private” option.

5. Finally, click the Publish button – copy and paste the page URL to your reference page.

Link to detailed instructions –…

Share Video Option 2: Record with Zoom and Share a Zoom Cloud Video Link (paid Zoom subscription required)

1. Record your Presentation using the free version of Zoom.

2. Access your cloud recordings as mentioned in the accessing recording management section.

3. Find the cloud recording you want to share, download or delete.

4. To share:

Click Share.

In the Share this cloud recording pop-up window, adjust your sharing settings as desired. Click Copy Sharing Information, then navigate to your GAP assignment or where you need to share the cloud recording, to paste the sharing information.

Share Video Option 3: Share a Zoom video download in Google Drive

1. Record your Presentation using the free version of Zoom. After recording, download the video file to your local computer.

2. On a computer, go to Google Drive.

3. Upload your video file that you downloaded from Zoom to your local computer.

4. Click the file you want to share.

5. Click share and copy sharing Information, then navigate to your GAP assignment or where you need to share the cloud recording, to paste the sharing information.

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