Organic chem I lab worksheet.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a chemistry report and need support to help me learn.

Hello I need help in filling out this worksheet for the experiments that i did ijn lablast week. This worksheet will be about this Experiment : Simple and Fractional Distillation. I have the experiemtns persucere detailed with pictures for each and every steps. + the data for each thing. the simple distillation and the fractional distillation. You will use the persuder and the data to answer all the uestion in the worksheet.

Every question is straight forwerd it wont take you more than sn hour to answer. Pleas refer for the pressures and the data before you answer anything and NO HANDWRITING PLEAS .

Note: Pleas ansert the data in the graphs in Xcel sheet nd add them to the worksheet. Thanks Find attach the paper you will need.

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