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First peer:

It is a leader’s responsibility and role to tell the new hires/employees what is expected of them, requirements and task of the job, and asses the new employees with learning more about them. Give them a brief history of the company or organization and provide them a handbook that consist of code of ethics, rules and regulation, ethical laws, and other information pertaining to their position. Make them aware of how it is like in the company and share a little bit of the culture of the company. A company have a lot of responsibility to shape the values of the new hires, by providing the employee with an employee handbook, and going over the employee handbook with the new hires. Leaders should be honest and transparent about their expectation, culture and values and rules and regulation. Companies that work to create a strong ethical culture motivate everyone to speak and act with honesty and integrity. Socialization is a process by which new hires learns to work in company culture, norms and behavior of the company they work for. They also need to be given respective responsibilities to feel that they are the part of an organization, and by appreciating the culture that they are in, it will bind them even more. To shape its values, perceptions, and behavior, the company needs to make sure that new employees are aware of the rules before they have the chance to break them and disturb the organization’s culture. Presenting new employees with the work rules at the orientation is the best way to make sure that they get off to a smooth start.

When a leader puts themselves before others, their organization and leadership style will not become effective. It is when a leader puts the needs of the employees first, and that is when their organization will become effective, same in Christianity the values or attributes of servant leadership were found to be strongly supported within this worldview. There is significant compatibility between the values and components of servant leadership and a Christian worldview (Wallace, 2007).


Wallace, J. (2007). Servant Leadership: A Worldview Perspective

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Second peer:

I would say that the ethical responsibility for this comes prior to hire, either in the interview or job offer process. It is simple to convey the expectations and overall culture and values of a company. The intricacies of it need to be discovered organically, but the message should be easy. Conversely, it should also be asked of potential employees what their expectations for their supervisors are, followed up by a detail of what you believe in and how you support your employees. This way it is all out in the open and both parties can make an educated decision on whether this is a good fit. As far as Christian values goes, the concept of putting others before self is a confusing concept. Sometimes putting others first means putting yourself first. Take, for example, the safety protocol for airplane emergencies where the adult puts their mask on first. It also does not mean all others. Jesus did not put the needs of the Pharisees ahead of his disciples. What it means is that all your decisions must be made with others in mind. They may benefit you as well, but you must consider the entirety of the decisions and weigh the potential consequences. Your decisions are going to upset someone. It is inevitable. What the decision cannot be is only fort your benefit.

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