Reading Response covering the whole story.

Basically, in your Response you should identify the text, the author, the main issues raised by the author, the author’s position on those issues/themes, your position on the issues and on the author’s position. Do not simply summarize the reading; instead, put forth your reading of the story. What is this story about? What are the recurring themes? How does the author convey her message? What is her message/points? Give textual evidence that support your reading of the story. Use the book review I posted in the READINGS FOLDER as a model. If you simply summarize the reading without interpretation, you will receive a failing grade (10 out of 20 points). Do not simple REPEAT with your own words what happens in the reading, instead, EXPLAIN the plot, issues, hidden meanings, as if you were interpreting the reading to your 14-year old bother.

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