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Selection of stocks for the Class Portfolio

Following the requirements in the portfolio rubric select two stocks and enter this information in the thread below. Stock selection is on a first posted basis. If someone has already selected your stock, then you will have to make another selection. I use the website: (Links to an external site.) to gather and track portfolios over time.

The name of the stock and the beta are on the summary tab and the sector/industry on under the profile tab.

When making your selection, it should look like this:

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCL)

Beta – 2.39

Sector(s): Consumer Cyclical
Industry: Travel Services

You will need to make two stock selections for the portfolio. Once you have selected your stocks, copy and paste this information in your entry below

each stock should contain 300 words of explanation.. 2 stocks total of 600 words explanation should be there as per requirement

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