Inheritance is virtual – a Derived Container

Learning Goal: I’m working on a c++ project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Assignment 6 extends the Container type developed in assignment 5. To modify the Container, refac-

tor the code to make use of inheritance, virtual functions, and abstract classes. There will be one

new class, a base class named Sequence. The Sequence base class is designed with three pure virtual

functions and a virtual destructor. In this design, the Container class will be derived from, or will inherit

from, the Sequence base class.

New to this assignment are topics from Chapter 15 and Chapter 12 that describe virtual functions,

abstract classes and how to organize the code into separate compilation units, respectively. To realize

this abstraction in assignment 6, the implementation will be broken apart into the interface files Con-

tainer.h and Sequence.h and two implementation files Container.cpp and A06.cpp, where A06.cpp

is the driver file with code to test the Container data type.

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