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For this scholarly paper, the student will complete a Community Needs Assessment and identify a gap or need that is present. To do this, the student will use observational and objective research data to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the neighborhood or target population. Students should utilize the community assessment components (People, Place/Environment, and Social Systems) as detailed in the ATI Community Review Module and in the Community Health
Nursing lecture. The guidelines for the paper are listed below: In the event of strict remote learning, the Community Needs Assessment Paper will be done on the student’s own neighborhood. Describe the Community
1. People (demographic data and biological, social, and cultural factors)
2. Place/Environment (physical and environmental factors)
3. Social Systems (health systems, economic factors, resources, and services) Research and Analysis of the Community
• Conduct a windshield survey of your neighborhood.
• Analyze the data on your community (the windshield survey information along with any data and statistics you found).
• Identify your community’s needs and strengths.
• Identify a community health program/resource that your community could utilize to alleviate the needs you have indicated.
• Summarize how this community health program/resource helps meet the Healthy People 2030 initiatives.
• Reflect on what you learned from the assignment and how it will impact your practice in the future Requirements:
• Your paper must be APA format and at least 750 words not to exceed 1000 words.
• Double space your paper and use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1” margins.
• Proofread your paper; visit and present proof of seeing a writing tutor before submitting your paper to “Turn-it-in”.
• A minimum of two (2) scholarly references (ex. Healthy People 2030 and Center for Disease Control) must be used. APA format must be used in citing and referencing sources.

NUR2680L Community Needs Assessment QEP Paper TEMPLATE
(Provide the reader with an outline (in narrative form) of what you will accomplish in this paper.) Introduce the community being assessed (zip code, location, boundaries, type of dwellings). Give a very brief overview of some of the needs in your community that you discovered as a result of this study. What could be the role of community health nursing to meet these needs?
Community Data
(Make sure to cite reliable and professional sources- Healthy People, US Census, Miami Matters, etc)
People: Based on your research, discuss the community demographics, social factors, and cultural factors. This includes who makes up the community, the socio-economic status, and cultural influences. Also include your observations from the windshield survey.
Environment: Discuss the physical and social environments that can affect health. This includes discussing available public spaces (parks, playgrounds, gardens) and are the spaces clean and maintained or littered? Include observations from the windshield survey such as the availability of bike lanes, streetlights, or sidewalks (are they maintained or cracked?) Other environmental factors to consider are signs, billboards, and graffiti. Are there concerns with air, water, or noise pollution? Is violence an issue or does it feel safe? Social Systems: Discuss the health systems available (hospitals, urgent care, assisted living, pharmacies), resources (buses/trains, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, places of worship, schools, childcare, food pantries, fast food vs healthy food options) and services (police, fire, gyms, YMCA, museums, cultural centers).
Based on all the information you have gathered through research and observation, identify a few strengths of the community. Identify the top 1 or 2 needs that you would recommend focusing on. Discuss why those needs should be the priority focus. Explain how it relates to a Healthy People topic and goal.
(Remember to cite Healthy People within your paper and in the reference page).
Identify an organization or program within the community that aims to address the need(s) you have discussed. Present the organization’s mission or vision and discuss how it relates to the Healthy People goals? Give an example of a specific topic objective that it aims to meet. (Remember to cite Healthy People within your paper and in the reference page.)
(Summarize the most important points and draw any final conclusions about topic).
State the priority needs (top 1 or 2) that have been identified by conducting this community needs assessment. Explain how this need makes the community vulnerable to negative health outcomes and how nurses could help meet this need.
(In this section, you may now begin to write in first person (I, me, my).
Address the following questions in a narrative fashion:
•Explain how learning about a windshield survey and conducting one has affected the way that you view communities in general or this community specifically.
•How can nursing as a discipline advocate for communities like this to address the needs identified?
•Identify three opportunities that you as a future health care professional could seek out to become civically engaged within your community.
•How do you think the role of community health nurses will evolve in the future?

Students should complete all sections of the paper prior to seeing the writing tutor for feedback. Students should utilize this feedback from the writing tutor to make any adjustments to the paper before submitting it to their assigned instructor for grading. The outline provided below offers a clear example of how to organize the required information into a paper format. Remember students must attain a grade of 77% or greater on this paper in order to successfully complete this course.

Student’s Role:

1. The role of the student, during the Community Health Nursing Clinical experience will be to:
2. Complete the required course assignments and submit them by the due dates
3. Adhere to all MDC, BLSON, and Community Partner policies and procedures
4. Read the required textbook assignments and be prepared for Instructor Assigned Class Activities, and ATI Exams
5. Demonstrate professional and ethical behavior at all times
6. Do not provide direct hands-on client care without a School of Nursing Faculty member present (i.e. BP’s, Fingersticks, Cholesterol Screening)
7. When providing direct client care, report any abnormal findings to BLSON Faculty member for follow-up
8. Utilize and check their MDC email at least daily to keep updated regarding events or course changes

Faculty Role:

The role of the BLSON Lead Faculty for an event, during the Community Health Nursing clinical experience, will be to:

1. Update students regarding Service-Learning opportunities

2. Contact the Course Lead & Community Partner prior to the event to coordinate requirements

3. Coordinate/ organize the supplies necessary for the event (equipment, literature, transport to event site)

4. Facilitate setup and organization at the event site & maintain a sign in sheet on the Community Event Reporting Form

5. Discuss with students the target population and expectations prior to the start of the event

6. Assign students specific tasks and coordinate flow of activity as needed

7. Follow-up with any abnormal findings and referrals as needed

8. Verify student’s Service- Learning Activities Log Sheet

9. Coordinate return of supplies and equipment back to respective areas in a state that is ready for another event

10. Distribute the Community Event Reporting Form to the Course Lead and appropriate instructors

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