Review of a Company’s 10-K

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For this assignment, you are required to pick a company that is publicly traded on one of the many US exchange floors. Go to the company’s website and select investor relationships. There you will find the company’s most recent set of financial statements. The SEC requires that all companies file a 10-K, which is an annual set of financial statements.

You can also go to Mergent Online, which contains 10-KsOnce you locate the information, review the 10-K for the company you have chosen and address the following issues:

  • What were net sales? Were sales up or down compared to the previous year? WHY?
  • What was net income before taxes and interest?
  • What was net income after taxes and interest?
  • Was net income greater or less than the previous year? WHY?
  • What was the biggest source of cash flow for the company?
  • What were total assets? What was the single largest category of assets?
  • What were total liabilities? What was the single largest liability?
  • What was included in the equity section of the balance sheet?
  • Did the company have any comments on acquisitions, mergers, or new product lines that they plan to introduce?

Write a 2-3 page paper that thoroughly addresses the above issues. YOU MUST include a copy of the three major financial statements. Be sure to cite your sources in-text and on your reference page. All project work should follow APA standards and include a title and reference page.

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