BA 548/520 db and replies

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

BA 548 DB:

Please select ONE of the questions below to answer:

  • What is “360-degree feedback”? What advantages might it have over more traditional performance appraisal systems that use only downward feedback? What are some of the problems that could occur in using a 360-degree feedback system?
  • Why would training in conducting performance evaluations be an important issue for organizations to consider?
  • Review three the evaluation approaches discussed in this chapter by applying W. Edwards Deming’s criticisms. How does each approach fare?
  • How often should formal performance evaluations take place? Informal ones? How often do they take place?

In your answers please draw from your own professional experience and provide examples from your own life, either as a leader, helper, employee, or observer. Review the reading, draw from your own ideas, examples or experience– and conduct some additional research as needed.

At the Master’s level we look for responses that include citations of information from the textbook or other journal articles to support your position. Consider the questions carefully; respond the question clearly, and provide additional information to support opinions. While you don’t have to cite every answer with the textbook or other reference, most of the time you will for full credit.

You are expected to 1 main thread and ONE reply post. (Each post is worth 20points).

For a quality post, discussion posts should be at least 250 words per question…for higher point value questions, more work and analysis should be provided! Student responses should provide a good platform for sharing ideas and helping each other expand on the topics.

BA 520 DB:

Progress check. This discussion is graded, and a great time to share with peers how your projects are going and any challenges or triumphs you are experiencing.

To earn the 50 points, you must post by Thursday a progress post letting us know how it is going. No peer posts are required, but encouraged.

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