ENTD261 D002|Introduce Yourself and The Role of Scripting- Marquis Turner

Learning Goal: I’m working on a scriptwriting discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Good evening class, my name is Marquis Turner. I work as a contractor as a service desk technician for the Navy. I got my SEC+ certification last year, and that was a big accomplishment for me. The plan after completing my degree is to obtain a position as a Security analyst. I am currently looking for a job as a systems administrator I think that this would be the next best step towards my career goals. I am still on the fence about it but as I look into it more and study IT I may eventually want to become a pen-tester.

A little bit more about me. I live in Virginia with my wife and three kids, soon to be four. I am a former truck driver, back in 2016 I dropped out of college to get a job and take care of my oldest son. Few years later I decided to get my certification and come back to school to do what I like doing. I like to spend time with my family take them to baseball games when I get the chance. When we are not doing that, I like to play videos games, play softball, and upgrade parts on my pc.

Outside of me having to take this class as a part of my requirements I look forward to gaining tons of knowledge. As I stated earlier, I am currently looking for a systems administrator job, and I believe this will look good on my resume.

A script is a program of instructions that is carried out by another program rather than by the computer processor. I use scripts at my job daily. I feel that a script can be useful with repairing some software.

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