easy two database activity

For this lecture activity, you will choose a business for your Database Design Project which is due at the end of M06. Your instructor will go over during the lecture the requirements for the business and provide examples. You will choose a business and write a short scenario about it.  Your scenario should be at least 100 words and will describe what the business is and how a database will be used by the business. This scenario will be the basis of future activities, so you should be descriptive and give as many details about the business as you can.

Based on the scenario, write 5 – 10 business rules about the business that will affect the database design.  Identify the entities and relationships based on the business rules.













Welcome to the first peer review of the semester! Peer reviews are discussion boards set up for you to post certain assignments and get feedback from your classmates. The goal with peer reviews is both additional feedback for you and a chance for you to see how someone else approached a problem so that you might see things you did correct/incorrect.

This peer review will be for M01 Lecture Activity 1.  Post your business scenario and the business rules you came up with  based on the scenario.  The initial post is due 2 days after the lecture activity is due.

You will then reply to 2 of your classmates postings to answer the following questions and provide constructive feedback.

  1. Do you feel the business rules accurately describe the scenario?
  2. Is there enough detail in the scenario to determine entities, attributes, and relationships in order to produce an ER diagram? Why or why not?
  3. What aspects of the business do you feel you need more information on?

Before the final deadline respond to at least one answer to number 3 from your classmates.


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