NURS 8501 EBP tr

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Moving forward we will be working on a practice gap in an outpatient mental health clinic.

My practice gap is: Risk of patient harm caused by medication errors.

Assignment 1: Organization Readiness Assessment


How do you determine organizational readiness to implement change in your practice or organization? Are the individuals committed to making the change? Are they confident in the impact of the change? Are they prepared to face challenges?

The answers to these questions, and others, may provide insight into the readiness of an organization to implement change. Understanding an organization’s readiness provides critical insight into building a team, identifying stakeholders, and ultimately moving forward with a proposed change. As a nurse leader, it will be important to determine the organizational readiness and motivating factors of individuals associated with the organization to implement change.


For this Assignment, complete the Organizational Readiness Form attached to assist you in determining the readiness for implementing change. Utilizing this form, you will explore the importance of organizational readiness with your team and other stakeholders. I have completed and attached the organizational readiness form for you to use.

To Prepare

  • Determine who is a part of the team needed to address your problem.
  • Ensure your problem is clearly defined and shared with your team.


Meet with teams associated with your practice problem to gather information about the problem. With the guidance of the team, answer the following questions:

  • What is the practice problem? Risk of patient harm caused by medication errors.
  • What are the real or perceived impacts of the problem?
  • Is the problem defined correctly?
  • Who are the stakeholders? Clinic’s core leadership team, health professionals, human resources, QA, compliance dept
    • Consider the following:
      • Are the right people at the table?
      • What is their level of engagement with the problem?
      • Are there internal/external stakeholders? All are internal stakeholders


After answering the questions, provide an assessment for organizational readiness. End of Assignment 1.


Week 3: Blog Defining and Refining the Problem

For this Discussion, you will consider your identified practice problem to help define and refine the work that you have done thus far. Consider what is working, what is not working, your stakeholders, and what has worked and has not worked in the past. Review the evidence gathered to determine how you might need to refine your identified practice problem.


  • Review the Learning Resources that address problem identification.
  • Analyze the work done thus far on your identified practice problem, specifically analyzing what management has done to date with the problem.
  • Review your practice focused question, meetings with your team and preceptor, and your identification of stakeholders.
By Day 3

Post a response discussing your selected practice problem. After meeting with your team, describe the following:

  • What is currently working?
  • What has not worked?
  • What changes might you implement?
  • What changes might you consider in addressing the problem?
  • Are these changes supported by evidence?

In your response, share what you have been working on throughout the first 4 weeks of the course, focusing specifically on defining your practice focused question, meeting with your team, and identifying stakeholders. Be specific. What leadership strategies might you use to support the problem you have identified? Explain whether you have refined your practice-focused question and why.

DISCUSSION BOARD 2 – Exploration of sources of evidence.

Instructions: For this Discussion, you will explore the sources of evidence necessary for your identified practice problem. These sources of evidence may be derived from library databases related to nursing, or you may find sources necessary for your practice problem in the form of interviews or library databases related to other fields. Consider where you might explore sources of evidence for your practice problem. Where might you find these sources outside of your typical evidence locations? Consider why this exploration is important and meaningful for your proposed change.


  • Review the Learning Resources covering the exploration of evidence.
  • Consider the evidence necessary for your identified practice problem and consider what types of sources might need to be explored.
  • Explore sources beyond the Walden Library database, and consider where evidence might be found outside of “typical” avenues.
By Day 3

Post a response detailing your exploration of sources of evidence for your practice problem. Consider multiple sources of evidence, rather than simply resources from the library: formal and informal interviews, national organizations, internal/external to your organization and/or practice. Consider library sources of information outside of nursing literature (e.g., business journals). Consider the impact of not including resources from specific sources. How might this create a flaw in your ability to support a proposed practice change? Be specific and provide examples

DISCUSSION BOARD 3 – Identifying Search strategies.

For this discussion, consider the importance of developing a search strategy to find the necessary evidence for your practice problem. How might this development of a search strategy connect to your leadership strategies and styles? Consider the importance of search exploration for finding the necessary evidence for your practice problem.


  • Review the Learning Resources covering source exploration.
  • Explore search strategies to determine what will work best for your problem.
  • Consider the connection between source exploration, search strategies, and leadership styles.


Construct a short paper in which you identify the search strategy you will use to gather evidence for your practice problem. Why did you select this search strategy, and how will this strategy be most beneficial for the problem? How did your role as leader assist you in making this decision? Be specific and provide examples.

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