Similarities between the book, the boy in the striped pajamas and the movie, life is beautiful

Watch the Life is Beautiful.
Write a 4-5 paragraph essay in which you identify and compare and contrast the overall theme or themes of the book and the movie. *In some cases they might share a theme, and in others themes may differ, but they will still center on the same topic or idea, i.e., love, oppression, dystopian societies, survival). Be sure to use evidence to analyze how each theme is developed. Give an overall opinion as which piece was more successful in communicating its theme. *Giving an opinion does not mean I should see any variation on “I think” or “in my opinion.”

You must
Have an introduction with a clearly stated thesis.
Have 2-3 body paragraphs that use cited material from both sources.
Use the literary present tense.
Use correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
Avoid using first and second person pronouns unless they appear in quoted material.
Avoid using contractions.
Follow MLA formatting.
Include a works cited page.

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