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Strategic plan for waste reduction and quality improvement at UCM campus

The purpose of this project has two folds: 1) to build awareness on waste reduction and quality improvement, and 2) to create a strategic and action plans in reducing wastes in the campus environment. The target population of this project are divided into 3 groups: 1) students, 2) faculty-staff, and 3) campus operations.

About UCM

UCM was established in 1871 as an education college and it has expanded into different fields of studies. According to Factbook 2021, 10,530 students Fall 2021 enrollment including 7,577 undergraduates and 2,953 graduates; 44% male and 56% female. There are 406 full-time faculty and 74.9% hold a doctorate or other terminal degree. The university has a 18:1 student-to-faculty ratio. More details about UCM (mission, vision, leadership, strategies,…) can be read from UCM Factbook 2021,

To accomplish the goals of this project, students will work as a team and complete the following tasks:

  • Prior to writing a strategic and action plans, students must understand the selected organization and its product/services. Studying the details of UCM from the current Factbook and from the website, “About”, located at
  • Identifying the sources of wastes and giving examples of wastes in the academic environment and in the office settings for the 3 target groups. Students can utilize the 8 wastes of Lean (defects, overproduction, waiting, non-utilized talent, transportation, inventory, motion, and extra-processing) in your preliminary thoughts. Also, Douglas Wood, the co-author of our course textbook and a graduate from the MSIM program conducted a survey research on wastes in the office, read his thesis from UCM library (, keyword “MS Thesis Douglas Wood”
  • Creating ideas on how to raise awareness on waste reduction, Lean, and quality improvement. For example,
    • creating slogan ideas, postcards, poster paper, brochures, pamphlets,…
    • hosting conference/meeting/workshop, social media contest,..
    • creating magnets, stickers, glasses, office stationery,…
    • giving helpful tips/information, how-to articles and checklists.
    • sharing stories on people doing good work on the issue
    • creating a website, facebook page,….

Each group is required to post an outline 1 page indicating the paper’s structure, a draft schedule plan, and assigned responsible members on June 20th in the Discussion Board, forum “Group Project – Topic Outline”.

The final product of this project will be a report of 15-20 pages (double space) with related tables/diagrams/photos, excluding table of contents, references, and appendix (if any). The paper format must follow the APA style, latest edition. The contents should include the followings:

  1. abstract 1 page
  2. introduction and brief organization background
  3. project goals and objectives, expected results, timeline, project scope, and performance measurement (indicators of project accomplishment)
  4. Identify sources of wastes and give examples of these wastes for student, faculty-staff, and campus operations. These may come from your observation and research. As a student, you can think about yourself on how you wasted your resources (time, money, quality). What can you do to improve or make it better.
  5. A Strategic plan on how to build awareness on waste reduction and quality improvement. Dividing a plan to meet with three different target population: student, faculty-staff, and campus operations. It would be beneficial if this strategic plan supported the UCM mission and visions. Try to put scope on your project, focus, and be practical on the plan.
  6. An action plan. This should be continued from the project’s strategic plan. The goals from the strategic plan will be divided into small parts (objectives). The action plan will be written in details to accomplish these objectives. The plan should contain:
    1. Objectives of the action
    2. Action proposed (creating ideas), images/drawing of your team ideas
    3. Responsibility (assigned persons)
    4. Progress indicators
    5. Expected outcome and timeframe
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