Chemical Engineering Question

BLEVE Assignment

Perform a BLEVE consequence model of SPLITTER TOWER of the ISOM unit of Texas City Refinery by using ALOHA software. Prepare a 2-3 page report (Font: Times New Roman, size: 12, margin: 1 inch) including these sections:  (1) Problem definition; (2) Methodology/calculations of BLEVE; (3) Explain your result; (4) Conclusions and recommendations; and (5) References. Please add the ALOHA report as appendix to the report (does not count as page limit of the report).

Assume the ISOM unit contains pure HEXANE and your preferred location in Florida (anywhere but avoid the national parks). Use a random time of the day and date of 2021 for this exercise. Logical sequence of this assignment is following:

Step 1: Watch the CSB video and list the information you will be using for the model. Also, watch the lecture very carefully. Download ALOHA software and practice the class problem.

Step 2: If any of the required data is missing in the video please make logical assumptions (with reference if possible).

Step 3: Determine the BLEVE threat zone.

Step 4: Generate the report and attached it with the homework assignment.

Step 5: Place the ALOHA generated threat zone in google map and see how it affects the nearby community. Save this file and attached with the assignment.

Step 6: Discuss your opinion based on the findings in tasks 3 and 5.

Should you have any question about the problem and ALOHA, please send an email to the guest lecturer: Nepu Saha (, and Dr. Reza


Grading outline:

Problem definition: 10%

BLEVE Methodology: 10%

BLEVE Report: 50% (from ALOHA software)

Results and Discussion: 20%

Conclusions and recommendation: 10%


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