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The rapid and constant transformation of health care in 21st century centers on improvement in policy, quality control, the environment and effectiveness of health care system (Green, 2018). It was projected that about one in thirty-one hospital is projected to report a case of HAI daily (CDC, 2021), as the pay for performance (P4P) strategy that determines reimbursement as a means of quality control takes into consideration different measures that enforces quality care delivery and culture of safety, analysis and discussion with my preceptor has made me come to the realization of the financial implication of implementing the proposed evidence-based change proposal, which is the cost of overhauling the electronic medical record systems, to one that makes it possible to have all tasks displayed per shift with changing color signals indicating the urgency of the task relative to time during the shift. Also, the current strategic plan in the health care system is consumer-based and sentinel events affects consumers satisfaction as it amounts to prolonged hospital stay, and times away from occupational and social activities, as well the mandatory reporting policy on hospital acquired infections which in totality affects quality control rating of the facility, consequently depicting ineffective clinical practice system on the part of the health care professional. As a result, implementation of evidence-based proposal will in turn impact the organization positively by bringing about reduced cost of managing HAIs, leading to increase reimbursement from insurance companies. It will also enhance a culture of safety and improved clinical practice system as it will elicit accountability and reduced incidence rate of HAIs depicting improved quality control standard.

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