Art Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a art report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Attached are the instructions

Checklist (Use all on this list)
___ contour line
___ directional line
___ implied line
___ emphasis and subordination
___ analogous color scheme
___ complementary color scheme
___ monochromatic color scheme
___ positive and negative shapes
___ asymmetrical balance
___ change in value to model masses
___ pattern
___ linear perspective to imply three-dimensional space
___ rhythm

1. Visit the Walters Art Museum collection at and find
works that apply the specific, required information from Chapters 4 and 5.
2. Choose works that have the required visual elements and principles of design from
the checklist.
3. Paste your photographs into the spaces provided. Resize, if necessary.
4. If you need more than five artworks to complete the required checklist, add them below,
providing the photograph and the written answer stems.
5. Compose your written answers in the sentence prompts using a university-level,
professional writing style. Be sure to choose whether you are discussing a visual element
or principle of design. Only discuss the required visual elements and principles of design
from the checklist. Delete the “CHOOSE ONE” and “BLANK” in each sentence.
Explain clearly where the required visual elements or principle of design is used and


visible in the work. This is the evidence for each answer.
6. Proofread for errors and to ensure completion.
7. Cite the sources you consult for this assignment.
8. Check your work against the rubric for this assignment to maximize your score.
9. Submit by the deadline.
10. Confirm that your submission went through in good shape by returning to the
submission portal.

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