9 questions in geography

Learning Goal: I’m working on a geography question and need support to help me learn.

1-Why is water a significant concern in many regions? Describe the water issues/concerns in one region and how they are (or are not) being addressed.

2- USE THE FIGURE ABOVE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION. What is a population pyramid and why

are they useful for studying population? Describe the population growth and distribution of age

and sex within regions A and B based on the two population pyramids. Provide an example of a region (for both A and B) where we might find a similar population pyramid.

3- What is net migration? Describe three potential impacts of migration on population (generally

speaking). Identify one region impacted by migration and describe how migration affected that

region’s population.

4- What is “urban sprawl” and why is it a potential development concern?

5- Describe the difference between weather and climate.

6-Briefly describe how physical geography and climate have influenced population distribution in one region.

7-What is the “greenhouse effect”? How does it affect human activity and development?

8-Briefly describe how human development has affected the environment in one region.

9- Name and broadly describe the three ENSO phases.

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