SCreen writing

Learning Goal: I’m working on a article writing question and need guidance to help me learn.


1. Write This Prose into a Screenplay formatted scene:

  • The waiting room was broiling hot. The sun blasting in through the window made her squint and gave her a headache. Would it kill the receptionist to pull the shade? The place was packed wall to wall with sick people, so not only was she pinned to her seat but she couldn’t breathe either – and the old man beside her smelled like he’d added a layer of Old Spice everyday for the last week instead of actually taking a shower. Finally, thankfully, a nurse called “Tabitha,” and she rose quickly from her seat – no pronouncement from the doctor could possibly be worse than this god-awful waiting room. Or so she thought. – * This scene should be about half a page. Do not exceed 1 Page.

2. Set Up This Character into a Screenplay formatted scene

A Female or Male who is depressed or in a malaise. They are lonely and feel disconnected and numb to the world. They are chasing something that’s missing in their lives but doesn’t know what that is. – * You have One Page to capture to introduce this character.

3. Write this Situation into a Screenplay formatted scene

Person 1 is following Person 2. Person 1 confronts Person 2 about a lie or secret Person 2 is hiding. – * You have One Page to capture to introduce this character.

Must write the scene using a screenwriting programthen upload it as a PDF file to D2L under Assignments. You can write all 3 scenes on one document, separating each with a new header that reads SCENE 1, SCENE 2 and SCENE 3


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