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Various political-economic factors inform the differences in causes o DALYs; these factors include the level of political stability, funding criteria in public education systems, and income inequality. The disability-adjusted life year (DALY) is a useful concept composite measure of health given that it recognizes that the sick and the disabled spend more time in routine activities compared to healthy people hence there is a need for affirmative action to level the playing field in as far as socio-economic progression is concerned (Xue et al., 2022). Considering the different levels of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) in variable classes of countries, thorough research has been conducted and has given a factual analysis of the cause of those variations. To start with, DALYs are the sum of life years lost due to various health disorders. Cases like neonatal disorders, respiratory infections, stroke, chlorosis, heart disease, and perverse pulmonary valve pains are chronic causative agents of the effect (Xue et al., 2022).

The adjustment varies from country to country, depending on living levels (Xue et al., 2022). For example, United States, having high improved health care, the DALYs rates are increased, unlike in a low economic country like Chad, where the health standards are low. How resources are allocated in different countries primarily determines the rate of DALYs (Daly, 2017). Developmental policy development also alters the rate of change in these disability-adjusted life years (Xue et al., 2022). Decision-making programs again trigger this mortality rate on different levels. The best the task is performed, the longer the progress. These DALYs are responsible for measuring healthy life gone as a result of nonfatal and fatal conditions (Robinson et al., 2021). They offer a recapitulation of years of lost life (YLLs) due to premature mortality and YLDs modified for time and severity in consequence of specific conditions (Xue et al., 2022). DALYs compute the number of healthy life years disoriented due to mortality and morbidity and, as a result, compare the relative effect of illness, risk factors, and public health monitoring over time (Xue et al., 2022). The DALYs are responsible for giving guidelines in health policies through initiating comparable estimates embedded in recent confined data that can be obtained, which would offer a significant value to the truth-based healthy policy.

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