RESPONSE: 8-1 Discussion: Reflection on Trends in Operations Management (MS)

DBR8-1 (KD)


The trends presented in this course show how a business can achieve higher goals within a company from becoming sustainable and making quality products to maximizing productivity. All of these trends can in their way help a business change for the better and make them more profitable, sociable, and environmentally friendly. Globalization can benefit companies by saving money and time with cheaper resources. JIT helps take control of inventory and resources to which a company only uses what is needed and gets the job done to the customer just in time (Drake, 2011).

Lean manufacturing and quality management to me are significant. Lean manufacturing helps a business control its waste within the production process and can make the most out of productivity. Quality management helps a business produce nothing but the best in standards of the product or service. It can also make sure the process of production is constant and stays the same so that if there are any issues with the process it can help change for the better.

Sadly, I see quality management fading because of the high demands of products needing to be on the shelves with some businesses. Some of them cut corners to get as many of the products out to the customers as possible and COVID-19 has shown in some ways that quality is an afterthought as long as you produce the goods needed. Just observing and hearing others talk about how something doesn’t taste the same as clothes fading and wearing out faster than before makes me think this. This is just something that I have come across.



Banna, Matt. (March 24, 2022). Process Improvement Techniques for Operational Success. Retrieved from Process Improvement Techniques for Operational Success (

Drake, M. (2011). Global supply chain management. Business Expert Press.


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