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Learning Goal: I’m working on a english question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

The purpose of the Informational Interview is to learn more about your target career and what it’s like to work in this occupation. Plan for an informational interview that would last from 20–30 minutes.

This assignment is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to network and develop new professional relationships. Let your classmates, friends, family members, and colleagues know that you need to complete an informational interview with someone in your intended career field. You are encouraged to approach this interview as an investment in your career with potential long-term benefits.

For this assignment, you need to download, save to your computer, and complete the Week 8 Informational Interview Form (Links to an external site.). In addition to filling out the Interviewee Information and the Interview Questions and Responses, summarize your key takeaways from the informational interview in the Reflection section with a minimum of two well-written paragraphs.

There are four steps to the Informational Interview:

Step 1: Compile a list of professionals in your target career field who have a minimum of 2–3 years in that position. Identify people who are working at a company similar to one in which you are interested. Prepare a brief introduction of yourself and the purpose of the informational interview.

Step 2: Revise and finalize your list of open-ended questions to ask during the informational interview.

Step 3: Set up a day and time for the interview and be sure to confirm. This can be an in-person interview, Skype/Zoom/WebEx, or phone interview—whatever works best for the both of you. Record the interviewee’s responses to your questions either electronically or by taking notes. Afterwards, type the responses onto the Informational Interview Form. Also fill out the Interviewee Information on the form.

Step 4: Send a thank-you letter, note, or email to the interviewee within 24 hours of completing the interview. And, if appropriate, be sure to connect with them via LinkedIn.

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