Psychology Question

Weekly Writing Assignment #2

Flashbulb Memory Interview


What will you do?

Select one flashbulb event and conduct an interview with someone you know about that event.  Be sure that the event you choose would fall into the category of a flashbulb memory based on the lectures and readings.  Ask that person to recall their memory for that event and ask them at least four questions about the memory.


What interview questions should I ask?

Your questions should be based on research that we have discussed about flashbulb memories.  You might want to ask the person about their confidence in the memory, how much they believe in the accuracy of their memory, if there is any evidence they have that the memory is correct.  You can ask them how the memory feels in terms of its vividness or narrative structure or any other variable that we discussed.  You want to get a strong sense of the characteristics of their memory.  You can ask as many questions as you want but will need to discuss at least four in your paper.


What to write in your paper?

First, you should analyze their flashbulb memory recall.  Does it include the typical characteristics?  Next, you should analyze each of their responses in the context of the research that we talked about.  For example, discuss their level of confidence in their memory.  Is that consistent or inconsistent with what you would expect based on the readings and lectures?  You should analyze their answers to at least four questions that you asked.  All analyses should use evidence from what you have learned in class.


How will you be graded?

All weekly writing assignments are worth 20 points.  Here is the breakdown of the grading for this assignment:


Analysis of Answers (20 points)

You should analyze at least five interview question responses (including the memory recall itself).  Each analysis will be worth 4 points.  You will get the full four points if your analysis includes sufficient evidence to support your conclusions, your conclusions are accurate based on the reading, and the question itself is directly related to research on flashbulb memories.

Memory Recall Analysis         /4

Analysis of Question 1           /4

Analysis of Question 2           /4

Analysis of Question 3           /4

Analysis of Question 4           /4







Any assignment that contains any form of plagiarism will receive a grade of zero.  Plagiarism involves using writing that is not your own in this paper.  This includes taking wording from the chapters or papers that you are using for evidence in your paper.  Everything should be completely in your own words.  Taking someone else’s writing and removing a couple words, changing the order of words in a sentence, or replacing a word with a synonym is still plagiarism.


Paper Basics

Your paper should be double spaced, 12 font size, with a normal font style, and default margins.  Your paper should be about 3-5 pages.  You should include their answers to the interview questions separately (not included in the 3-5 pages)



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