WEEK 4 (Discussion)—Vision & Communication

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Question to Answer. ( for more details please follow the document which I uploaded)and Please read ch6 and ch7 PPT to make sure you know the specific knowledge about this discussion.

For this commentary, select this following item to answer. Your effort will require ample creativity, as the ideas are sufficiently abstract to challenge the thinking of ordinary mortals. If applicable, relate an example of the selected phenomenon from your own experience as part of a team or organization. We have a wealth of deep organizational experience in this class. This task is an opportunity to share it!

The aim of this exercise is to motivate energetic thinking rather than to test whether you seem to have correctly understood the selected concept. Multiple perspectives are available in answer to each of them. Therefore, be as creative as possible while nevertheless formalizing your writing to meet the rhetorical expectations explained in the syllabus.

#. Communication and Power (Ch. 7). Recall one or more persons in your experience who exhibited communication patterns that either conveyed the appropriate level of power for their respective positions or failed to do so. Consider the specific mechanisms at work at the level of language. How did they contribute to that outcome?



Please carefully follow the details on the documents which I uploaded and Cite at least two sources in your answer: two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles that meet the restrictive criteria in the syllabus. Your commentary should reflect the care and seriousness of a formal essay and use APA style. Thank you for helping.

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