PSY332 family reflection

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology writing question and need support to help me learn.

Watch a movie that centers around an adolescent and their family. The movie must have real people (no cartoons) and realistic situations (no horror, murder-mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.). Good examples of movies that you could choose for this assignment include Juno, Georgia Rule, Billy Elliot, He Got Game, The Ice Storm, Family Prayers, and Blinded by the Light.

If you do not choose an appropriate movie then you will not get full credit for this assignment – so if you are unsure, ask me or the TA if a movie is appropriate.

Analyze the family dynamic and the adolescent behavior based on what you learned in this lecture.

1. Think about the family system, attachment theory, the family structure (single parent, dual-parent, extended family, etc.) and any problems the family is experiencing that might result in disequilibrium.

2. How does the adolescent relate to the family? Are there conflicts and what is driving the conflicts?

3. What are the cultural factors that impact the relations within the family?

Please number your responses so that they match the question prompts and provide a thoughtful analysis to each prompt above (I am expecting about 150-word answer per prompt).

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