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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Hello everyone

I’ve submitted my assignment and I got the feedback from my instructor today, There are 3 answers for 3 questions that need to be changed a little bit.

I kindly need you to read the instructor’s feedback and make the changes accordingly for the below questions only:

Instructor’s feedback for AC05 Task #1 1.5

Explain how the application of agreed procedures, policies and sources of evidence helps to make choices and informed decisions.
You have explained the role of policies and procedures, such as ensuring consistency. However, you need to give a specific example as part of your answer.

For the resubmission:

Consider one specific example of when policies, procedures and other sources of evidence would be used. You could consider employee theft, high absence rates, gross misconduct, etc. Then explain what policies, procedures and other sources of evidence would be referred to support decision-making in this instance.

Instructor’s feedback for AC08 Task #1 2.3

Explain how social media can enhance working practices internally and externally, including the associated risks.
You have discussed social media generally. However, you need to give a specific example of internal use of social media under a specific example of external use of social media and describe the benefits and risks associated with each example.

For the resubmission:

Choose one example of how an organisation might use social media internally to improve working practices. For example, would an organisation use social media to communicate with staff, improve staff engagement, etc? How does this improve working practices and what are the associated risks? You should then repeat this for external use of social media. You could use subheadings for internal and external uses to clearly structure your answer.

Instructor’s feedback for AC04 Task #2 1.4

Interpret common calculations and basic financial information from organisational data.
You have accurately converted the data to percentages. You could have used charts to illustrate your answer.

You have considered some themes from the data. You could have given more focus to the similarities and differences between departments.

You have accurately calculated the number of days lost for point 3. However, you need to check your calculations for points 4 and 5. Make sure you are answering what is being asked here.

For the resubmission:

Check the calculations for points 4 and 5.

For task #1: 1750 words (1575 – 1925 words)

For Task #2: 500 words (450-550 words).

Answers MUST be from an HR employee’s perspective.

Harvard referencing is the one you are going to use for this assignment. (At least 10 references for this assignment).

Here is a 3 minutes video explaining everything you need to know about the assignment in detail:



Kindly have a careful look at it before bidding, If we are happy together there will be another 2 assignments for the upcoming sessions, Keep that in mind please 🙂

Find the attached files for Task #1 & #2 please, Thanks.



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