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Media Analysis Paper Assignment Instructions

You will compare coverage of your selected college administration topic in 34 different types of sources (newspapers, magazines, academic journals, books, professional association website). You must determine what perspectives are present or absent and assess sources for bias.Example topics for this assignment include diversity in higher education administration, social media in higher education, admission standards in higher education, the impact of student debt in higher education, bias in the media and its impact on higher education, political changes in higher education, and innovation and technology in higher education.

This assignment must be 800–1,000 words and requires citations from 34 sources in current APA formatting.This media analysis will include a title page, abstract page, and a reference pageYour analysis must thoroughly interpret and examine the articles for perspective, validity, and significance of the findings. You should support your analysis with relevant facts, arguments, examples, and details from your review of the articlesyour analysis should be well-reasoned, indicating substantial breadth and depth of thinking. There must be a clearly identified description of the practical application to the broader industry of college administration at large. You must identify relevant scriptural principles and perspectives from a biblical worldview, including at least 1 relevant Bible verse.

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